EPA Declares Mazda The Most Fuel-Efficient Automaker 4 Years In A Row

Given a choice, most people would prefer a vehicle that is efficient in fuel consumption. Four years ago, EPA declared Mazda as the automaker to have accomplished this goal. Mazda has succeeded in making this a consistent feat as Mazda was again declared to be the most fuel-efficient automaker for the fourth year in a row.

The Fourth Year Of Fuel-Efficiency

According to Auto123, Mazda has been declared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the most fuel efficient automaker in accordance to its latest reports on Light Duty Fuel Economy Trends. Auto123 also added that Mazda was able to achieve this feat without any electric or hybrid car to offer. This accomplishment is due to the unique technology of Mazda called SKYACTIV that aims to reduce the weight of the vehicle, improve its engine efficiency and performance in environmental and safety aspects. Accordingly, all Mazda vehicles including the CX-5 now come with the SKYACTIV feature.

"Mazda's team of engineers and designers have worked diligently to create vehicles that are high-quality, stylish, fun-to-drive and fuel efficient," said Masahiro Moro, President and CEO of Mazda North American Operations as reported by CTV News. The result is a fuel economy of up to 29.6 miles per gallon on the average for Mazda vehicles.

Other Manufacturers Are Not Far Behind

Honda is not far behind as it was able to get second place with its 28.9 miles per gallon average fuel efficiency rate. The Japanese car maker's fleet of hybrids were cited to help in keeping down the average of its fuel consumption. On the other hand, Nissan also has successfully taken the third spot this year with its average fuel consumption of 28.3 miles per gallon, while the company also marks its third consecutive year at the top as the most fuel-efficient among manufacturers with full-line vehicles.

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