HTC Will Preempt MWC: Rumored To Unveil M7

Despite the flooding reports of there being "little information beyond the timing and location," the one rumor that can be ceremoniously placed in the fact pile is that HTC will be holding its own press event in New York on Feb. 19, days before the majority of its competitors hold their own engagements at this year's highly anticipated Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Referring to what HTC may be releasing as "the next big thing," the rumor mill continues to churn as hints viz. the earlier event point to its being a possible unveiling of HTC's latest flagship smartphone, codename M7.

It was only two weeks ago that smartphone fanboys/girls like the folks at CNET were bandying about the potential for the M7's being: "Android-powered M7 [with] a 5-inch 1080p HD display, a quad-core Qualcomm S4 Pro processor, and a 13-megapixel camera. HTC Source also pointed to a favorite HTC design, an "aluminum unibody chassis."

Unwired View went on to declare their "trusted source" told them that the M7 is expected to have "a 'smallish' 4.7-inch, full HD display and 1.7GHz, quad-core processor" and that it will be "painted as every bit the premium smartphone circa 2013."

At "just north of" $600 a pop, that must be one hell of a paint job they're talking about. The addendum that "new information pegs a release for only a few weeks after its trade show debut," does make one wonder if not froth at the mouth at the notion that perhaps this Feb. 19 event may be something truly special, after all.

Whether or not the eruption of excitement and news over these "leaks" is really a desperate attempt on the part of HTC to gain some footing after the struggling Taiwanese manufacturer hit a few snags during its disappointing recent quarters is, as always, anyone's guess.

But with this contention, at least in the minds of many of us wondering just what that "next big thing" may be, HTC must know that they better show us something on the new product that will be following up their One X.

Else we may just have to step on over to what Samsung will be unveiling at MWC, after all. (Which, of course, we'll be doing regardless.)

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