Selena Gomez's Grandfather Opens Up About Selena's Split From Bieber And Checking Into Rehab: 'She's Only Human'

Selena Gomez has been out of the limelight for months now and yet is still managed to have been talked about by millions of her fans, concerned of her well-being. Thus, recently, her grandfather talked about her recent enrolment to a rehabilitation center to deal with her depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Selena Gomez Checking In On A Rehab Center For Depression Proves Fame Isn't Everything

Selena Gomez has been named the most-followed user on Instagram, reaching 100 million followers last September. Even though by then she was already out of social media, the singer still manages to have gotten more followers than any other celebrity in the world. However, it looks like fame isn't everything as despite all the praises she gets from her fans, Selena has been battling with depression for quite some time now, hence needing some time to fix herself.

After announcing her going away for a while last August, it has then been reported that's he checked herself into a rehabilitation facility. Unlike one would initially assume, she did not check in to stop herself from any illegal substance abuse. However, she is there to heal herself of the symptoms being caused by being diagnosed with lupus. After everything that happened to her in the past year, she finally gave in and decided she needed help.

Selena's Grandfather Opens Up About Her Life Before Checking In: "She's Only Human"

According to her grandfather Ricardo Gomez who raised her during the first few years of her life, Selena has been under a lot of pressure prior to checking into rehab. She was under a lot of stress with work, and added to that was her dismay in having ended her three-year relationship with boyfriend Justin Bieber after the latter was allegedly caught cheating on her countless of times. Her grandfather advised her not to take anything in so seriously, but admits that it's not easy as "she is only human," he said.

Is Justin Bieber Constantly Visiting Selena In Rehab Despite Having Broken Up Already?

Even though he was not the entire reason, Bieber definitely paid a big part in what Selena has succumbed into, thus having him partly to blame for her depression. However, it has been reported that he checks in on her in the rehab center, despite her parents having him held responsible for what happened. It looks like neither of the two can stay far away from each other long enough to end their relationship for good despite what they have gone through.

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