Mr. Robot Star Rami Malek To Play Legendary Queen Frontman Freddie Mercury

Queen's Freddie Mercury Biopic Will Star Rami Malek
After countless of years, we might have found the right guy to play Freddie Mercury, Mr. Robot Star Rami Malek Photo : ABC News / YouTube

Arguably one of the greatest frontman in rock and roll history will be relived in a big screen treatment by ‘Mr. Robot' Rami Malek. Freddie Mercury is a flamboyant and charismatic singer that until this day, he is still mimic by most of the singers.

The film will be titled as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody' which is derived on one of their hit singles. There were a lot of names who were discussed to play the role of Queen's lead singer such as ‘Borat" star Sacha Baron Cohen, however, right now, they are leaning towards the versatile actor in Rami Malek.

Who Is Freddie Mercury?

I know this sounds silly but a lot of the younger generations might not know the legendary performer. Freddie Mercury or Farrokh Bulsara was the lead singer of the iconic band Queen. Queen are a British Rock Band that is originally composed of four members. Freddie Mercury(lead vocals,piano) one of the guitar Gods, Brian May(lead guitar,vocals) Roger Taylor(drums, vocals) and John Deacon(bass guitar). Mercury is a vivacious entertainer. He is a character and a persona that everybody admired. Armed with his four-octave vocal range, Mercury will and can serenade everybody with his awesome talent.

Queen And Its Legacy

As mentioned, the band originated in London in 1970. When Freddie Mercury met Brian May, they already clicked instantly. Brian May described Freddie as a mad scientist due to his artistic desire. He is a perfectionist when it comes to music as Roger Taylor said. Queen is the originator of arena rock and pop rock venturers. However, their original music influence were progressive rock, hard rock and heavy metal.

The band has at least won a total of 100 awards from every corners of the music industry. They are already elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland last 2001. The band was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They are the first band to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Their works are also recognized in their motherland as they enter the UK Music Hall of Fame last 2004.

Songs and Musical Approach

Their musical approach is different compared to most of Rock Bands. With the insertion of Freddie Mercury, they went from heavy metal rock to a stage, opera like, musical act. During the Live Aid concert, Queen was able to receive the biggest ovation in a star studded concert. Queen was able to captivate the crowd with their lively acts and of course, Freddie Mercury hyping up the crowd.

They have more than 10 songs who reached number one status. We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions are Inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. And both songs are still used in a sporting event. Regardless if you are a rock fan or not, an avid queen follower or not, you heard and surely know the lyrics of these two wonderful songs.

Bohemian Rhapsody

It was 2004 when the greatest creation of Queen was Inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame. It took longer than expected but it is on its rightful place. Considered as the most complex song ever created in history, this song showcased how Freddie Mercury creates his songs. He introduced a different kind of poetry and art to the music business that even Beyonce tried to mimic it.

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