Is Windows 10 Mobile The Answer To Microsoft's Smartphone Market?

A new Surface phone that runs on Windows 10 Mobile is obviously missing during the Microsoft event last week. Microsoft had big dreams for its Windows 10 Mobile. In fact, it had an ambitious goal of reaching one billion active devices within three years.

However, it has been delayed this year after a dismal slow growth. Microsoft's Windows-based devices market share is also not doing well. Now, it seems that the tech giant may have another plan for the said operating system.

The Fate Of The Windows 10 Mobile

Amidst the absence of a new Surface phone, Windows 10 Mobile is still making its presence felt. HP's new Elite X3 and Alcatel Idol 4S are both running on Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Windows' Terry Myerson shared last week to ZDNet that there's a major reason why the Windows 10 Mobile is still out there.

It now serves more as an investment in technology. The once star of the show is now only an effort to build a commercially viable product.

Business Insider perfectly described that the seeming death of Windows 10 Mobile may be a blessing in disguise for Microsoft. Though Microsoft has failed in reaching that very ambitious goal, it can now focus on its strengths.

It should be noted that the goal of the Windows 10 Mobile should have attracted developers to the Windows Store. Then app makers would choose it over that of iPhone and Android. Likewise, people could have been convinced to buy Windows phones.

The issue is evident since other apps are still not available until now in the Windows Store.

Focus On Its Strength

Microsoft would have realized the use of Windows 10 Mobile. For now, the said OS does not seem to help the case of the company's smartphone market share. Whether the upcoming Surface phone will salvage it or not is yet to be seen.

Its Surface Pro tablet is thriving. Microsoft can also capitalize on its Windows-powered laptops and PCs. These are all decent devices that can appeal to consumers of even its competitions.

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