'The Crown’ Spoilers, News And Update: Princess Margaret Still Bitter After 20 Years?; Get The True History Of Her Forbidden Romance Here

The first episode of "The Crown" centers on the true to life story of Margaret and her affair with a married man named Captain Peter Townsend. He divorced his wife with the hopes of marrying the royal princess but the Queen did not give her blessing to the couple. Vanessa Kirby, who plays Margaret, says an insider revealed to her that the princess has been bitter with the way things has turned out 20 years later.

According to Kirby, she met a daughter of parents who were in the royal's circle and shared to her the rumors about the princess back then. She said that 20 years after her failed relationship with the captain, her parents finally got married and Margaret was very upset with this news. Kirby said "God 20 years on if you're still resentful towards people who are able to do something you weren't it must mean that you haven't forgiven everybody. Or yourself".'

When Townsend announced his upcoming wedding to a 19-year-old Belgian lady named Marie-Luce-Jamagne, Princess Margaret quickly decided to marry Lord Snowdon. The princess is believed to be very sad in this time of her life as she copes with the fact that even her sister prevented her from marrying the man she loves.

It is possible that the princess felt betrayed as the man he truly love just broke his promise that none of them will marry anyone else. She first fell in love with Townsend as he arrived as his father's equerry when she was only 14 years old. He was 16 years older and had two sons but all of that didn't matter to Princess Margaret.

Many believe that it wasn't really the queen nor her sister that stopped Princess Margaret from marrying Townsend. Most people feel the princess was not just ready to lose her place and title in the palace.

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