‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Spoilers, News And Updates: Eleven Is Alive – Latest Video Reveals

Eleven (Millie Brown), the mysterious telekinetic little girl seems to still be alive as the latest video of "Stranger Things" Season 2 reveals. The video was posted on the show's Twitter page. It also confirmed the titles of future episodes of this Netflix show. The video went viral and triggered numerous spoilers among fans who are getting impatient waiting for the resumption of the show.

Did El Really Die After She Sacrificed Herself?

The previous episode of "Stranger Things" Season 2 showed that Eleven sacrificed herself so that the faceless creature at the finale of season 1 could be defeated. But it is probable that El might still be alive. Judging from the video released recently, this could be a strong possibility. But the more important concern of fans is: who will be able to make it in season 2, and who will be left out of the show?

Beware: Be Prepared For The Following Spoilers

Matt Duffer, co-creator of the show says the upcoming season will be "a little different .... a little darker." It is unclear if he is talking about Eleven's darker and deeper secret and probably her more dangerous power. Or is he hinting at the entire second season itself?

Is Will Recovering From His Upside Down Ordeal?

"Stranger Things" Season 2 will also show if Will is going to recover from his Upside Down ordeal. Noah Schnapp plays Will in the show and he addressed the speculations about the sexual orientation of his character by posting the following comments on Instagram.

"For me, Will being gay or not is beside the point," Noah wrote. "'Stranger Things is a show about a bunch of kids who are outsiders and find each other because they have been bullied in some way or are different," he continued. "Does being sensitive, or a loner, or a teenager who likes photography, or a girl with red hair and big glasses, make you gay? I'm only 12 but I do know we all relate to being different," he added.

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