‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Updates: Vanessa Hudgens, Lea Michelle To Replace Anna Kendrick After Fight With Rebel Wilson?

"Pitch Perfect 3" rumored plots have already leaked on the internet and have fans quite excited. But one thing is threatening to disrupt the perfect harmony as a fight between Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson may force the former to back out of the project.

According to a source, the production of "Pitch Perfect 3" has already been swamped with numerous incidents causing further delays. One of which is the director Elizabeth Banks, who is also in the two movies, has left the production early with concerns about the job interfering with her duties as a parent. This placed a major hole in the production that forced a delay until they find a suitable replacement.

But just as everything seems stable, an alleged scheduling issue has caused a big rift between stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. Apparently, Kendrick wants to move production a few days because she needs to promote another movie that she is in. However, Wilson, who has other projects of her own, wants to proceed with the planned schedule of production. This has caused some intense friction and it is reported that it would be Anna Kendrick who is leaving it this is not resolved soon.

The movie is set to release sometime in December of next year. So the crew will definitely have a tight schedule and would probably need for their two major stars to be in sync.

Who can replace Anna Kendrick?

If Anna Kendrick does do the unthinkable and leaves the project, several news sites have already reported that the producers are already planning for possible replacements should the need arise. Since Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michelle are already rumored to be joining the movie, then a good guess is that those two would be the prime candidate to replace Kendrick.

Only time can tell if fans will have a new lead to "The Bellas."

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