Pokemon Go Spawn Update: Rare Pokemon Will Become Common Now?

Pokemon GO developer Niantic announced recently that it's reducing the most common Pokemon such as Rattatas, Zubats and Pidgeys. Does this mean that rare Pokemon will become common now?

Time To Complete The Pokédex

Pokemon GO players are now recently encountering a variety of Pokemon aside from the usual ones. Niantic has confirmed that it's releasing more of the unusual kinds to help players fill up their Pokédex. Meanwhile, the Eggs will no longer contained Rattatas or Pidgeys to increase the player's chance of getting a better Pokemon. The Eevee has also been demoted from a 10KM Egg to a lower 5KM Egg.

Implication Of Removing Pidgeys And Rattatas

The reduction of Pidgey spawn points is good news to veteran Pokemon GO players. However, this may not be a good thing for those who are still starting out. Catching Pidgeys and evolving them is actually the best way to gain XP points in Pokemon GO.

Getting Lapras Or Snorlax Easier Now?

Since Niantic has reduced the common Pokemon, it can be presumed that rare Pokemon such as Lapras and Snorlax will be easier to find now. With the Eevee removed from the 10KM Eggs, players will now have a higher chance of hatching the rare and more desirable Pokemon.

Niantic Incentives Underway

It seems Niantic is doing its best in bringing various incentives to current and former Pokemon GO players. First, the Medals are now being given out to players who catch specific types of Pokemon. Then the Halloween event gave out frequent candy drops and increased spawning of Halloween themed Pokemon.

The Pokemon GO developer is also planning to roll out daily bonuses for catching Pokemon and going to PokeStops every day. Many players are aware that the FastPokeMap tracker is already down for the count. But there's no need to worry, Niantic is slowly expanding the game's Nearby Tracker in selected parts of the United States, according to its recent update.

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