Pokemon Go Update: How Lure Module Types Can Help Both Players And Niantic

Pokemon Go Tips - Lure Module Best Way To Get Pokemon
Yes, Pokemon Go is still playable and there are lots of new ideas from all around the internet. One of them being on this article, so please be patient and read. Photo : YouTube / JohnnyCanal

Lure modules in Pokemon Go are a gift from the gods, especially for players like me who just likes to sit in a coffee shop waiting for spawns instead of walking around chasing after them. But seriously, there is room for improvement for this item and I'll write something about it today.

A Lure Module is basically a worm on a fish hook, it lures nearby Pokemon in Pokemon Go and can only be activated thru a PokeStop. When used, the effect increases Pokemon spawn on that PokeStop, having one pop up every 3 minutes. It can also be shared with a friend or a bunch of them, that's why it's fun to have Lure module parties, with beer, and food, and more beer. Problem is you can only lure creatures within the area and are at random.

Lure Module type and mix proposals

Then an idea came to mind, why not create Lure Modules of variety types? I mean it's more practical that way, if you are looking for a particular Pokemon, say a Venusaur, then you can just go ahead and buy a grass type Lure Module in the in-game Shop and lure away until you get enough Bulbasaur to evolve one. Pretty neat, right?

Secondary types won't be a problem because if you're aiming for an Exeggutor then by all means purchase both grass and psychic Lure Modules, fuse them together, then activate them on the nearest Pokestop and problem solved. You will have grass/psychic type Pokemon popping out.

This idea is also future proofed since newer generations will come and Lure Modules with various types will not go obsolete since you are just increasing the chances of spawning by type, not really a particular Pokemon that would go extinct once the new creatures take over (cough, pidgey, cough rattata).

May not be types but in egg sizes as well

Another idea is to have a Lure Module according to egg sizes, based on what type of eggs they hatch. Say you're looking for an Onix, then you simply have to go to the shop, spend your money for a 10km Module, and there you go, 10km Pokemon spawning every 3 minutes.

The mixing of Lure Module idea can also be implemented here, so you can narrow down by mixing say a 10km grass type targeting for an Onix. That would be pretty handy, though expensive.

Benefits of Lure Module types

Benefit number 1 for Niantic would be revenue. If this is to be successfully implemented, lots of lazy gamers like me would just purchase our desired Lure Module type and lure like crazy, while just sitting down in a bar or some coffee shop. This can also be used in their seasonal gimmick, like 50% off on all ghost type Lure Modules during Halloween. Even I, who has gradually stopped playing Pokemon Go was impressed with their Halloween promotion, and for that I congratulate the guys who did it.

Well, that's all the idea I've had for now, if you have comments or suggestions, feel free to drop by at the comments section below. What's your desired Pokemon Go idea?

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