Hair Loss Prevention: Should You Stop Using Cleansing Conditioner?

Almost everyone is bothered about hair loss prevention. While it does not depend on only a single reason, there are some main factors which apparently help. According to some experts, cleansing conditioners play a big role in hair loss. So, not using such chemicals for hair may help prevent hair loss.

A primary approval from a Los Angeles federal judge to a settlement worth $26.3 million in favor of 200 women who had filed a class action lawsuit against Wen distributor Guthy-Renker and celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. If a US district judge approves the judgment, every customer who has suffered adverse effect after having used Wen cleansing conditioner will get up to $20,000 each.

This comes as a surprise to the women who believe their hair is softer and healthier after using the cleansing conditioner. According to many, the no-shampoo movement and the use of this cleansing conditioner has a much better effect on hair loss prevention.

But, according to those who filed the lawsuit, the cleansing conditioner was responsible for "severe and possibly permanent damage to hair." Attorney Amy Davis believes the product contains no cleanser at all. Davis says the hair follicle gets impacted by the cleansing conditioner, CBS Local reports.

Wen, however, says the product is safe. It reemphasizes that hundreds and thousands of customers love the product. According to the company, it offered the settlement to save time and further cost. The company says it is a business decision to go for the settlement.

According to the International Business Times, the FDA received 127 complaints. So far, this is the largest number of complaints the FDA has received about any hair product. Moreover, Chaz Dean apparently received around 21,000 complaints. It seems like boycotting cleansing conditioners may be a good start for hair loss prevention.

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