Eminem's Daughter Hailie, Is Drop Dead Gorgeous, You've Got To See This

Eminem and Hailie Mathers, a bond like no other
The Rap God is the kind of father every daughter wants. Photo : The Strange List / YouTube

If there's one person that gets talk about in most of The Rap God's song, that would be his daughter, Hailie Mathers. He made a living in busting rhymes about his life, his family, especially his daughters.

Slim Shady made sure that if there's one person qualified to talk about his daughter, that would be him. Eminem made it a point as well that nobody should mess or talk about his daughter as Ja Rule learned the hard way. Hailie's name has been mentioned to some of the timeless classic by Eminem, songs like ‘97 Bonnie and Clyde', ‘Mockingbird' and the most emotional song of The Rap God to her daughter, ‘Hailie's Song'.

Hailie Was Guinness Book Of World Records' Youngest Peformer Of R&B Song 

Eminem's daughter Hailie made it to the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records of being the youngest credited performer on an R&B song. Hailie was 6 years old and 210 days at that time. She was and always been a presence on his father's album. She was at least referenced to nine tracks to day. This was new to the music business as most of the artist doesn't want to talk about their family, especially in Rap music.

An All-Rounder At Academics, Arts, And Sports

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is not only pretty but she is incredibly smart as well. She graduated summa cum laude from Chippewa Valley High School which is in Clinton Township, Michigan last 2014. Haile's grade point average was an outstanding 3.9 mark. She also received countless academic awards in and out of the school. Don't be fooled by her academic excellence as she is very sporty as well. She was a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Art Club and she made the volleyball team.

Eminem Divorce

Although it is widely known that Marshall and Kim had their share issues that even led to divorce, they are very supportive of their daughter's life. It is hard to think that there was an occasion when Eminem rap about killing the mother of his child but that is already buried in the past. When Hailie won the title of Homecoming Queen both of her parents were there. Her mother was by her side when she received the award and Eminem was inside the school watching afar so that it won't start any commotion.

Leaks On Upcoming Album of Eminme; New Song For Hailie

For the past month, we were provided some leaks about the upcoming album of The Rap God. The only thing that is confirmed right now is that Eminem is almost finished with the album with 21 tracks as he posted on his social media account. We already know that he's working with some of the biggest names in the music industry today but there's new reports that states that he is working on a new song for Hailie.

Again, this is just speculations from fans and music insiders alike but if this is true, we are in for a show. I never heard any songs about Hailie that flopped, or any songs from The Rap God in particular. Let us enjoy one of the most iconic songs of Eminem with the video below titled ‘Hailie's Song'.

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