Gmail for iPhone Gets A Fresher Look, Undo Send Enhanced Search

By Angelie Cagay , Nov 07, 2016 05:40 PM EST

Google has released a Gmail app for the iPhone.Gmail fans not only could use the service heavily but also set it to fit their specific needs. Here are just some examples of how flexible and personalize Gmail has become.

Google has also brought over one big feature from Inbox: Undo Send. This new option slides up from the bottom after you've fired off an email, giving you a brief opportunity to take it back before all your typos are seen and ridiculed by co-workers. Search has gotten quicker with what Google calls "instant" results and spelling suggestions, according to The Verge.

Another new feature is simplistic swiping. Now, you can be able to swipe left or right on any message thread to delete it or archive it, and you can choose which removal option you would like to in your settings. Moreover, swiping, either way, will perform the same actions which delete or archive, and you can't personalize them separately.

An enhanced search, Gmail for iOS a search engine, improved search functionality that includes instant results and spelling suggestions. Also, you can be able to search spot minor typos and offer a better "did-you-mean" suggestion.

As for the updated Google Calendar app, it lets you use the month view and week view in landscape mode; add in additional calendars such as Hindu, Islamic, and Lunar; and surface events, reminders, and goals from the Spotlight search feature that's part of iOS, Izatt wrote. Microsoft recently launched its Interesting Calendars in Outlook for both Android and iOS, according to Venture Beat.

On the other hand of the mail app have been enhanced, leading to faster app function overall, as well as quicker scrolling, and much quicker notification from Gmail than before. The Gmail application is free, requires iOS 8 or newer, and is a 197 MB download.

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