Everything We Know About Bixby, Samsung's New Voice Assistant For The Galaxy S8

Samsung this year has been covered with controversies and lawsuits since their fire-prone Samsung Galaxy S7 exploded to the scene. Since then, the general public has been watching Samsung's every more in great detail and what Samsung plans for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, new information has been released that Samsung is making a voice assistant available for the Galaxy S8.

According to a written article at Computer World, with Google having Google Assistant, Apple with Siri, and Microsoft with Cortana, it is no wonder that a giant tech company would not want to be left out and want their own also. The South Korean company plans to introduce "Bixby" with the debuting of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In an article posted at Digital Trends, Samsung has already filed a trademark in South Korea for "Bixby" last October, for a "computer software for personal information management." This said software specifically targets smartphones, mobile telephones, personal computers and tablet computers to operate voice recognition systems and lets users enable to hands-free use of a mobile phone through voice recognition.

About what type of services would be offered through the A.I. assistant named Bixby, Samsung did not specify. Samsung only gave a vague description that Bixby would allow users to use third-party services seamlessly.

Last October, Samsung acquired Viv, an A.I. startup created by Dag Kittlaus, Chris Brigham, Adam Cheyer, and pretty much from the same team of engineers that were responsible for Apple's Siri. According to the article at Digital Trends, Viv, the details of which were never revealed publicly, was said to offer a platform which enabled third-party developers to tap into its capabilities.

All the more impressive, it reportedly provided a framework for natural language-based interfaces in apps and services - i.e., voice-navigated menus and custom commands. This decision made by Samsung only proves that the South Korean tech company is serious in getting back their reputation. It is believed that Samsung has more plans for the upcoming year.

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