Video Game DIY Pocket Chip Is Now Upgraded With 3D Acceleration, Can Run VR

Pico8 on PocketCHIP!
A tiny device that lets you create your own computer things like games, sheets, internet stuff, and more. Priced below 70 bucks, it's a good buy for those who have creative minds. Photo : YouTube / Next Thing Co.

What if I told you there's a ready-made mini console chip that allows you to program your video games on the fly and play it right there and more stuff on top of that? This is not news for most game enthusiasts as 'CHIP' was launched a year ago doing exactly what my previous statement said. Did I mention the device sold more than a hundred thousand units?

Next Thing Co. launched a ultra-fun computer named CHIP sold at $9. It is packed with 1G Hertz ARM processor, memory of 512MB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and battery. Not quite at par with modern PCs but it's more than enough to let you have fun and bring out your creativity. It also has various output standards for video, audio, and other necessary connections to interact with this mini device.

You need to get hold of an old TV or a composite video input screen, mouse, keyboard, and househole power. After installation, wait a few seconds and you are now ready to do some computer stuff. It also has the ability to do other internet things like sending emails, writing stuff, watching videos, even learn programming. It runs on Linux Debian so you can install all the stuff you need.

Pocket CHIP, 3D Acceleration, ...and VR?

Now that we've discussed its basic predecessor, let's move on to the new one. Officially dubbed as Pocket C.H.I.P., in their official website, the device is a mixture of portable synthesizer, a game console and a field terminal for Linux. If you work on it for a bit, it will become a lot more as it is claimed that it can be converted to a VR headset. Their slogan for the product says something like "it can be what you want it to be". Pocket CHIP is sold at $69, quite a bit pricey compared to its previous model but considering the amount of stuff it can do and the fun times you'll have with it, it's more than just a bang for the buck.

On top of all the awesome things it can do, Venture Beat has reported that Pocket CHIP has just got a software upgrade to run 3D games with the likes of Quake III. The device and its updated software can now be purchased as holiday gifts. With that said, Pocket CHIP is now another player, along with the mini-NES and other retro devices that would be competing with modern consoles in terms of holiday sales.

CHIP and Pocket CHIP are devices that are targeted for the DIY community so if you want something that's ready-made, go look somewhere else as the product is meant for creativity and tinkering before it can do something awesome, although there are presets loaded in it. I personally would love to get my hands on these and create something like an auto-feeder for dogs, or just tinker and make some videogame levels and then challenge my friends to finish the game. Lots of ways you can work with this little wonder so I suggest you'd get one too.

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