Samsung Is Confident Enough To Beat Apple iPhone 7 With Their Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8, when launch early next year, will probably be the fastest smartphone in the world, as it’ll sport a new generation of chips. Rumors said that Galaxy S8 may not be just the fastest Android phone, but the fastest smartphone in the world. Meaning, even compared to Apple iPhone 7 series, Galaxy S8 will perform better. How true is that?

Mentioned on the latest news regarding Samsung Galaxy S8, one of the possible specs that will be featured by the smartphone is an optical fingerprint scanner. Additional to that, it is also expected to have a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio. Meaning almost the whole phone will occupied by the screen or monitor.

According to BGR, the Galaxy S8 is expected to feature next-generation 10nm chips made by Samsung (the new Exynos 8895) and Qualcomm (the new Snapdragon 830), The chips will be faster than the 14nm processors found in this year’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 phones, and even more battery friendly.

Samsung is working on new 14nm, 10nm, and 7nm chips that will be found in upcoming gadgets made by Samsung and other companies. “Samsung’s fourth-generation 14nm process technology, 14LPU, delivers higher performance at the same power and design rules compared to its third-generation 14nm process (14LPC),” the company said. “14LPU will be optimally suited for high-performance and compute-intensive applications.”

Samsung's goal is to manufacture the most powerful mobile chip built for the future, developed on 7nm process technology. As of now, rumors say that the upcoming iPhone 8 will also feature a 10nm Apple A11 chip manufactured. However, Apple iPhone 7 has a 16nm A10 Fusion processor, which currently is the best one in the mobile tech market.

Aside from the upcoming Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphone series that will receive 10nm and 7nm chips in the next couple of years, it’ll be interesting to see if Samsung can win back iPhone chips. With the set target for Samsung Company, this will not be impossible.


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