AT&T Will Give Away Apple TV And Amazon Fire Sticks To All Newly Signed-Up Users

According to reports, those customers who commit to a 3-month subscription of DirecTV Now service will receive a free Apple TV while a 1-month commitment of subscription will get users the less-expensive Amazon Fire Stick.

AT&T will boost the launch of their DirecTV Now product by offering free Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick streaming devices at sign-up. First time users will be very lucky to have not just the DirecTV Now, but including the freebie that AT&T will give.

According to Tech Insider, DirecTV Now is only $35 a month, which means AT&T is asking for just a $105 commitment for 3 months. And if you don't want to commit to three months long of DirecTV Now, you can sign up for one month for just $35 and get a free Amazon Fire TV Stick. Note that an Apple TV alone costs $150 and an Amazon Fire TV Stick cost about $40 at retail. This deal is really an amazing marketing strategy for a big company like AT&T.

AT&T says it will be able to make the economics work at that price in part by cutting out legacy equipment like satellite dishes. DirecTV Now will be delivered over the internet, eliminating the need for cable or satellite but, to watch it on a TV, requiring a streaming box (like an Apple TV) or a smart TV.

More Details On The AT&T DirecTV Now

There are still no exact details on which channels will be on the AT&T DirecTV Now. The company has already signed deals with HBO, Discovery Cahnnel, NBC Universal, Turner, Viacom, Disney Channel, AMC, Sripps, Starz and many more. With this, it seems as of all the TV fans will definitely signed up for launch.

However, as of now, the marketing documents may not be final and the promotional offers could be altered or canceled before the service hits the market on its launch.


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