Google Released A Giant Update For iOS Gmail Inbox App

By Monica U Santos , Nov 08, 2016 04:05 AM EST

On Monday, Google released an updated version of Gmail app on iOS. It includes a faster search engine, swipeable actions and the new feature "Undo Send." Besides, it’s been four years since Gmail for iOS has not been updating any of its features.

Aside from the specs mentioned, Gmail also got a visual refresh to look less cluttered while incorporating photos of your contacts. In terms of both functionality and user experience, Gmail for iOS seems to be replicating Inbox, Google’s other mobile email app.

Search is significantly faster as well. In initial AppleInsider tests of the application, a multi-term search in a 55,000 email archive returned results nearly instantly on a fast wi-fi connection, rather than taking up to 11 seconds to complete the search on an older version of the Gmail app.

The Undo Send

The new anticipated feature of the new updated Google Gmail App is the Undo Send. It is Google's pioneering email functionality that gives users few seconds to reconsider whether to really send the email or not.

Originally, this feature is only available on the desktop Gmail. But this feature has proven an extreme help in preventing all types of errors as well as the embarrassment of the users, which is the sender.

According to MacWorld, in the new Gmail app, Undo Send surfaces as a call-to-action bar at the bottom of the screen right after you hit send. It’s very similar to how you can undo actions like deleting or archiving a message. Undo Send is already integrated into Inbox by Gmail.

More aspects of the new Google Gmail app have been improved, heading to faster app utility overall, faster-scrolling performance, and much faster notification compared before. Google also notes that spelling suggestions have been added, and users can now swipe on an email to archive or delete an email.

As mentioned by The Verge, other Google apps are also updating. Google Calendar for iPhone updated today with month view and week in landscape view — plus Spotlight search for finding your appointments, reminders, and goals. Sadly there’s still no iPad version of Google Calendar, so you’ll need another option for keeping up to date with your own life on Apple’s tablet.


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