2016 US Election Results: How To Deal With Stress

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump must be the two most stressed people in the United States at the moment. They have a lot at stake, and 2016 US election results will decide their fate. Becoming a US president is not the easiest job on the planet.

But, following the electoral process and debating for the favorite presidential candidate can be highly stressful as well. This election may have health hazards, not only for the candidates, but for the supporters as well. November 8 will decide who enters the White House for the next four years. Americans must be suffering from a high degree of stress at the moment.

Politics has become more polarized these days. Republicans and Democrats are fighting for different principles altogether. No matter who wins, a huge section of the American population is bound to feel disappointed. Whoever wins, it will be a mammoth task to convince the other section of the population and make them believe in their leadership.

Adult and adolescent psychiatrist Keith Ablow suggests people should believe in the greatness of the country, no matter who wins this election. The member of the Fox News Medical A-Team suggests a few things to deal with election stress as 2016 US election results approach soon. He reminds that the United States of America is a "nation built on faith." The presidential election is just one chapter of a greater story.

"Action is an antidote to anxiety," Ablow says as he asks Americans to work on what they believe in. He also asks people to donate to a political cause as soon as their favorite candidate loses the election. Thus, the candidate's ideas will still be represented. At the same time, he asks not to hate the ones who win. Ablow suggests sending congratulatory messages to those voted for the winning candidate.

According to The Telegraph, the election is so tight this time because both candidates suffer from a lack of popularity, both among the public and in their own parties. The lack of popularity comes from a lack of trust. No matter who shines in the 2016 US election results, the next US president may not be the most popular person in the country.

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