Samsung 'Smart' Vacuum Cleans House (And Monitors It, Too)

With the already frenetic cadence of everyday life speedily on the exponential upswing, Samsung has found a way to make at least one monastic chore a little less time-consuming. Their latest smart home technology is doing just that with such devices as their smart vacuum, on display in this video from CES 2013.

The spokesperson's unfortunately positioned/lit microphone aside, the minute-thirty demo of a vacuum that can be voice-activated from one's smart phone is one thing. But the fact that the demo then shows said vacuum comes equipped with a similarly voice-activated camera that can give a visually assessment of one's home makes for a clean sweep of any doubts about Samsung's future in domotics.

"Let's say we're at the mall... We want to check in on our home and see what's going on there," Samsung's spokesperson says in the video demo. "Well, now we can do it simply and easily."

The spokesperson then "communicates directly" with the robot vacuum on display in the background faux living room set. By speaking into his phone, asking simply, "Let me see my living room," the spokesperson is able to bring up real-time imagery of the living room set as seen by the vacuum's perspective.

Speaking into the phone again, the spokesperson then activates the more traditionally utilitarian component of the vacuum and starts the device on its way to literally cleaning house.

"It cleans my whole living room," the spokesperson says, delighted. "My carpet's clean. I come home to a clean house. That's what it's all about."

Other smart home technology Samsung now in development and being putting out on the market include: energy monitoring systems, devices that cook residents' food held at a precise temperature/duration, a monitoring system that tells the domestic chef exactly where to cut one's fish for optimal preparation, and even "smart carpet" that detects if a person walking upon it has fallen (immediately contacting proper authorities).

With such technology on the way from Samsung, they're certainly, as purporting, well on their way to making "our future life more convenient, more interesting and safer!"  

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