Movie Review: Disney Princess ‘Moana’ Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Moana – NEW Trailer – Official Disney | HD
Moana is not the usual Disney Princess; she is the character everyone is looking for. Photo : Photo by Disney UK/Youtube

Moana has been the talk of the town these past few months. With how the preview introduced Moana, people knew that she is never the ordinary princess. Not just that, the storyline invites you to know a culture that everyone is not familiar of.

Moana Introduces A Polynesian Culture In Its Storyline

According to The Guardian, producing Moana is never easy; it entails an intricate study of how the character would move in every way. To prove that, before the Disney's film was released, it was tagged as ethnic-stereotyping and is promoting a white-centric point of view; but the creators have proved otherwise. The story introduced the Polynesian culture in which Disney has judtified despite being accused of depicting the culture in a bad light.

The story introduced a great amount of how the Polynesian culture looks like, from its dance movements to the great sceneries, you just know that Disney did their research as they were able to inject precision in every detail of the storyline.

The film started by introducing the legend of Maui, a demigod who was able to get the stone that gives fertility. He then lost the magical fishhook; which made him transform into another creature. When Moana observed that his society is ignoring its culture, she decided to do what's right. Despite of having orders that no one should go beyond the reef, Moana learned to hear her own convictions and tried to hit the high seas.

Moana Gets To Meet Maui, A Character Voiced By Dwayne Johnson

With this, she gets to meet Maui, who is big just like his dad. The character is voiced by Dwayne Johnson, making the character a lot manly and strong. Maui's only interest is to look out for his fish hook but the journey suggested differently. With Maui empathizing with Moana, he then goes on an adventure looking beyond his mere wants and interests.

The story gives out a message of identity that parents would have their kids to hear. Besides being culturally aware, Moana wants to let viewers know that you could listen to your own heart and stay true to your conviction.

According to Variety, the musical part of the show is also a must-see in the movie. Both were original: 'Where We Are', a song for her father's belief and 'How Far I'll Go, Moana's going out to her comfort zone and desiring beyond what her society dictates of her. The two songs were a collaboration of Lin Manuel Miranda and the band Te Vaka.

In addition to that, what's good about Moana is that she is not forced to be molded just like the other Disney princesses before. Her appearance is greatly proportionate to the journey that she would take. Moana, being a female explorer and a great heroine, would also boost the good inside every viewers after watching the film.

Lastly, Moana didn't waste all her life waiting for her prince to come and sweepher off her feet. Moana, as observed in the story, took a step closer to her destiny by choosing it on her own. The story is simple but the lesson is so catchy and right on the spot. The movie is recommended not just for kids but for everyone who would want to unleash the greatness within them.

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