Prince Harry Calls Out On Media To Stop Harassing Girlfriend Meghan Markle; Confirms Relationship

Amidst all the speculations that Britain's Prince Harry is dating actress Meghan Markle, it has just been recently confirmed that they are indeed a couple. This confirmation was in a form of a warning statement made by the Prince himself against the media harassing Markle.

Prince Harry Confirms Dating "Suits" Actress Meghan Markle After Calling Out Media For Harassing His Girlfriend

There have been many speculations and rumors as to whether or not Prince Harry is indeed dating "Suits" actress Meghan Markle from halfway across the globe. Both parties have been mum on this issue, thus prompting the media to get their answers in their own ways, however many might have crossed the line already. It has come to the point that Markle, or any of her family members would struggle entering through the front door of their house because of the swarm of paparazzi waiting outside to get a statement.

Meghan Markle Being Racially Abused Given The Mix Of Her Genes

Thus, according to CNN, Prince Harry has finally put an end to it as Kensington Palace released a statement in the Prince's behalf about harassing, invading the privacy and abusing his girlfriend racially. Markle is a mix of Caucasian blood and African-American as well. She has embraced the mix of her races that has created her and thus, managed to be successful in her chosen field. However, being in the spotlight for having been rumoured to be dating the Prince of England, she is subject to criticisms and judgment; to which Prince Harry was definitely not happy about.

Prince Harry Upset In Not Being Able To Protect Markle Amidst The Harassment

The official statement released by Kingston Palace stated that "his girlfriend Meghan Markle has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment, some of this has been very public." Prince Harry has then warned the paparazzi and the media to lay off harassing Markle and give her the privacy that anyone needs and deserves. Making remarks on her race has also been very insulting to the Royal Prince, making him disappointed in himself for not being around to protect his girlfriend.

Now that it has been confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are indeed in a relationship, hopefully then, media would stop harassing her and her family as well.

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