'The Vampire Diares' Actor Ian Somerhalder Says He Would Leave The Country If Donald Trump Wins Presidency

Anyone who follows Ian Somerhalder on social media is aware about how unsubtle the actor has been on his views about Donald Trump and how much he is against him. He encourages his followers to vote wisely and even said that if Trump wins the presidency, he will leave the country.

Ian Somerhalder Is A Strong Advocate For The Environment, As Opposed To Donald Trump's Views About It

"The Vampire Diaries" actor Ian Somerhalder has always been known to be a strong advocate on animal safety and environmental concerns. He has always been open about his views, encouraging his fans and followers to do the same, using his fame to inspire others for a good cause. With the U.S. presidential elections already at hand, the actor has also been vocal about supporting Hillary Clinton and against all odds putting down Donald Trump.

Ian Somerhalder And Wife Nikki Reed Don't Want To Raise A Family In The Country If Donald Trump Wins The Presidential Elections

Donald Trump has recently said that he strongly believes climate change is a hoax. Being a true and strong advocate for the environment, Ian Somerhalder couldn't just take this with a grain of salt and just let the statement pass him by. Thus, he announces that if Trump wins the presidency, Somerhalder would have to leave the country since there will clearly be no place for his advocacy here. He is also concerned about the kind of life his future kids will have in a country that is to be ruled by Trump.

Somerhalder has always been open about wanting to start a family already with his wife, Nikki Reed. However, with his busy schedule in "The Vampire Diaries" and Nikki still blooming with her career, they have reportedly put the family plans on hold. However, when they do decide to push through with it and Donald Trump becomes president of the US, they will not want to raise their kids under such government. With "The Vampire Diaries" coming to an end already, he and his wife could be making this family dream come true sometime soon.

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