Destiny Gameplay Update: PS4, Xbox One Hotfix Rolls Out Today; Update Makes SIVA key Fragments Drop During Raid

Destiny has recently gotten a hotfix from the game developer Bungie. The small patch was deployed on the PlayStation 4 as well as on the Xbox One. Furthermore, the patch notes also revealed a crucible maps fix and changes in the game's economy.

Bungie previously kept mum on the changes that the patch will be making on Destiny. However, the change log was unveiled before the patch went live. Afterwards, the hotfix was released before the Iron Banner PvP event returned. Players were removed from the hotfix and later returned to the login screen to apply the patch at 12pm EST and the Iron Banner went live 30 minutes later.  

Meanwhile, the Destiny update reportedly deals primarily with several tweaks in the game's economy especially Silver Dust. Bungie reportedly revealed that update is aimed at improving the quality of life in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Post-patch, Rise of Iron Vanguard as well as Crucible weapons may be decrypted from Engrams.

Previously, reportedly Skeleton keys do not drop at an intended rate. Now, Destiny players will be able to see Skeleton Keys drop from Taken Archon Priest in Winter's Run Strike post-patch. SIVA Key Fragments will also drop more often in the raid.

In terms of the economy in Destiny, the armor taken by decrypting Dusty Iron Engrams will no longer dismantle into Legendary Marks but give off one Silver Dust instead. In addition, Silver Dust will no longer be required when applying Ornaments to the Iron Lord, Trials of Osiris and the Heroic raid armor.

The Destiny Update patch notes have also surfaced to reveal changes to the strikes, crucible maps and items. It is said that the patch will also fix an issue where the players could access the rooftops on the Skyline. Moreover, the patch will fix an issue where Comitatus did not drop properly from the Faction Packages for Kondratyuk's Escape owners. Watch the Destiny HOTFIX PATCH NOTES! Post Iron Banner Patch Details. 11-8-2016


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