Fallout 4 Update Supporting PS4 Mods Almost Here

Fans of the game Fallout 4 were eagerly anticipating the release of its PlayStation 4 mods but it has been quite a long while since gamers started expecting it. But there are reports that the wait is almost over.

Fallout 4 players expected the mods to come after the Skyrim Special Edition on PS4 and XBox One was released. According to the reports, the popular video game's mod support for the PlayStation 4 is currently at the certification process. Once the mods get the certification from Sony, Fallout 4 players will finally get to modify and create their own content with the help of the Creation Kit.

Bethesda Games in an announcement mentioned that the "Fallout 4's Creation Kit is updated today to support mods on PS4". However, the PS4 mods are Plugins only and archives are not allowed.

Fallout 4 updated features

The update focused on a number of fixes including the issue concerning the game's sound effects. The update fixed the problem in which some of the sound effects would not persist after reloading in an area.

Players will also no longer deal with occasional crashes when exiting to the Main Menu, and trying to start a New Game. The update also fixed an issue with spaces in Mods search queries.

An issue in which some Mods images would not load when quickly scrolling has also been resolved along with the problem of the Library and Favorite Mods categories not displaying correctly in specific situations.

In some cases, the game would crash after a Mod goes through an unexpected data structure. This will no longer be the case thanks to the update.

Bethesda has also doubled the amount of tiles that can be browsed in the Mods menu. Furthermore, a Sentry Bot firing dual Gatling Lasers will no longer cause the audio to cut out while mods can now only be rated after they have been downloaded.

Fallout 4 players can get the update by simply visiting the Bethesda.net Launcher.

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