Top 5 Skyrim Special Edition Unique Weapons You Should Get

As there are many unique weapons for Skyrim Special Edition, most players get confused on what could be the best one to choose. Having everything in the inventory is a bit of a hassle and not really worth it as there are only a few ones that are actually useful. Unique weapons had their own ability or bonus than any other normal weapons in game.

Skyrim Special Edition: Mace of Molag Bal

The Mace of Molag Bal has a very beneficial effect for players. It does 25 points of stamina and magika damage to an enemy. When an enemy is killed within 3 seconds, it will fill a gem that can be useful at most times. Upgrading this weapon will also increase its damage capacity in a huge scale.

Skyrim Special Edition: Harkon's Sword

Players must be a vampire in order to experience the full power of this sword. It steals 15 points of health, stamina and magika on every hit. It is a very powerful weapon especially for vampires. A vampire using this weapon will become almost unstoppable in any situations.

Skyrim Special Edition: Chillrend

Chillrend might be the most famous weapon in Skyrim Special Edition. It has a very cool design that most fans loved. The effect is also massive as it deals 30 points of frost damage. It also has a chance to freeze an enemy by 2 seconds that can be very useful in all times.

Skyrim Special Edition: Dragonbane

This is the best weapon for killing dragons in the game. It has the ability to deal as much as 20 to 40 points of damage exclusively to dragons that make it very effective and convenient choice of weapon for players. It is not only best for dragons as this will also deal 10 points of shock damage to all enemies.

Skyrim Special Edition: Windshear

The Windshear may not deal massive damage but players can benefit from the stun effect this one-hand weapon can yield. It is best for close range encounters and can be deadly to opponents with its unique enchantment that can paralyze or knock-down enemies when used efficiently.

Skyrim Special Edition is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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