Samsung's Patent Application Reveals Foldable Smartphone, Rumored To be Launched In 2017

Samsung's patent application was just published. Particularly, it might have revealed a long-rumored foldable display. This could fuel further speculations about the tech company's plan of releasing such device. Though Samsung has not confirmed anything yet, some reports expect a 2017 release of the foldable smartphone.

The Foldable Display Patent

According to CNET, the published patent application shows a phone that could be folded half down its middle. There have already been previous reports that said Samsung is expected to release a bendable smartphone next year.

Among the possible devices that the tech company will introduce is the Galaxy X. This particular phone can be the first one to have a completely foldable display, according to Sam Mobile. The smartphone's hinge seemed to be similar to that of the Microsoft Surface Book.

Furthermore, Sam Mobile reports that it might eventually have the same cavity when it is folded.

Samsung's Fascination With Such Innovation

The idea of a foldable or bendable device is not implausible. In fact, Samsung is already testing the waters with such innovation in the tech industry. For instance, the Galaxy Note Edge has a curved screen design.

Other patent designs last year was also made known. Furthermore, Samsung will take one step further by allowing the device to be rolled up.

The Future Of Foldable And Bendable Smartphones

A wave of a foldable and bendable smartphone or other smart devices is possible in the future. However, this also poses a huge challenge. Samsung could be the pioneers of this innovation. Though the road will not be so easy.

The tech industry is an extremely competitive market. Depending on Samsung's timeline, Apple, and other tech giants can follow suit or even get ahead. That has been always the case. The bezel-less screen is one example. Xiaomi got ahead of Apple's original idea. Samsung will probably face the same scenario.

As for the customers, portability, convenience,and good performance should be considered. If that phone really materialize and then deliver the above mentioned, Samsung might have another exciting flagship phone after Galaxy S7 or the upcoming Galaxy S8.

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