Disabled Piglet Mobilized By Toy Cart

His name is Chris P. Bacon, and he's SOME pig.

That's because Bacon's being born with hind legs that do not work haven't stopped him from getting around as easily as any of his pig siblings.

A video of Bacon scooting around with the help of his custom-made wheelchair/toy cart has gone viral on the Web, making everyone agree that this is one hot dogger of a piggy.

The original cart that the clearly camera-friendly Bacon tools around in, as seen via the video, was constructed for him by his loving veternarian out of K'Nex pieces.

A small company based out of New Hampshire has since seen the video and has decided to send Bacon one of their own signature wheelchairs made explicitly for pets.

"I started to piece it together to see what I could come up with," said Dr. Len Lucero, Bacon's veterinarian and current owner, about the initial cart to The Toronto Star on Thursday.

Lucero posted the video of the month-old Bacon meandering about in his special adaptive mobile chair before on Jan. 26. Already, the six-minute video has received nearly 200,000 hits.

Surprisingly, Bacon's first owner had originally brought the fledgling piglet to Lucero's Eastside Veterinary Hospital in Clermont, Florida with the intention of having the little guy euthanized. Lucero suggested the woman leave Bacon with him, promising he'd be able to ensure the pig a longer life.

After bringing Bacon home, Lucero fashioned the toy-formed wheelchair while his children slept. He has said that he was planning on weighing down the back wheels of Bacon's cart (which clearly lifts in the video far too often).

However, with the New Hampshire company - Handicapped Pets -- stepping in thanks to the viral video, that may not be necessary. In fact, The Nashua, NH-based company's Lisa-Marie Mulkern has already given Lucero and Bacon a special chair, the first time - Mulkern said - the company has done so for a pig.

An American pot-bellied pig, Bacon will likely grow to be about 50 pounds and will therefore definitely need a more suitable chair in the future.

Handicapped Pets - the self-proclaimed largest community of caretakers on the planet - reminds visitors of their webpage that, "there are thousands of us, around the planet, that hold the sometimes unpopular view that handicapped pets can live happy, healthy lives."

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