WWE Royal Rumble, Surprise Entrants, New Time Start, Details Inside

SurpriseEntrants For The 2017 Royal Rumble
Kurt Angle is in the perfect position to return in next years Royal Rumble Photo : SportsEntertainment

The yearly spectacle is just around the corner and we have the latest updates on who will be included in this years WWE Royal Rumble. Also, the event will start at 5:30 PM from the previous start time of 6:15 PM.

Royal Rumble Is Considered As One Of The ‘Big Four'

Thanks to Pat Patterson's creative mind, Royal Rumble was born. It is a pay-per-view like no other. It started in 1989 and 28 years later, we are still enjoying this massive event. What makes the Royal Rumble appealing to wrestling fans? There's only one reason why the pay-per-view is so fun to watch and that is the element of surprise.

How Does The Match Start?

The match will start with two participants drawing number one and number two. Every 90 seconds, a new superstar will join until they reach the number 30 entrant. Elimination will occur when a superstar is thrown over the rope with both feet on the floor. The number one and two entrants has the biggest thing to overcome. They should have a lot of gas with them since the pay-per-view is all about cardio endurance.

What's At Stake If You Win The Royal Rumble Match?

The prize will be headlining Wrestlemania and will challenge the current champion to a match. A lot of careers were catapulted to the top of the food chain by winning the yearly event. Not only that, it is a guarantee that you will be in Hall of Fame someday once your wrestling career is over. Superstars and legends said it best, Royal Rumble is a testament to each superstar's willingness to fight and crawl against 29 other men.

Who Is The Greatest Royal Rumble Performer Of All Time?

This will be a hard question to answer but according to the recent poll that was created by one of the most respected sites, the greatest Royal Rumble Performer of All Time is, The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. What's his secret? None, he just goes there and treat it like a bar fight. He is a 3-time Royal Rumble winner and the toughest competitor in the match ever. He will do what it takes to win, and he's not afraid to face anybody, whether you are the biggest or most athletic athlete in the ring, he will find a way to throw you over the top.

Who Will Be The Surprise Entrants For This Year's Royal Rumble?

1. Kurt Angle

The Olympic Hero and multiple champion is in a great position to return to WWE. Kurt Angle is one of the most technical and skilled wrestlers of all time and Royal Rumble is the right time for him to go back to where he started. Although he aged already; he is by no means a pushover. He can still dominate like he was on his early 30's. I'll be one of the fans who will scream my lungs out once I hear his music.

2. Jeff Hardy

The Charismatic Enigma himself stated before that his run in WWE is far from over. As we all know, Jeff Hardy left the company when he lost his match against CM Punk. He then signed with TNA, which at that time is a good fit for his schedule. Jeff's contract is about to expire in TNA and WWE is waiting for him.

3.Shinsuke Nakamura

I was a fan of The King of Strong Style since he was in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He is a rockstar to say the least and can get physical if he wants to. He has the ability to adapt and adjust to any wrestling style. Remember his entrance in NXT Brooklyn? Now imagine that playing in the Royal Rumble, for sure the crowd will go crazy.

Other names that are currently being discussed are the likes of Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Roode, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, John Morrison and CM Punk, but it would be a long shot. Let us watch the best surprise entrant for the past 10 years down below.

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