Apple iOS Update: Siri Lets You Send Money Via PayPal Using Just Your Voice

With iOS 10, Apple added the potential for six categories of utility to integrate with the iOS personal assistant, Siri. One of these groups used payments through mobile. The PayPal app for iOS has now been up to date with this integration, so you can use standard language voice queries to send and acquire money.
And recipients needn't use PayPal. When you send them cash, they'll acquire an e-mail with links to login to an existing account or create a new one. Once they click either and connect a bank account, they'll have the choice of withdrawing the funds.

PayPal For iOS Updated With Siri Integration

In a statement on its official blog, PayPal announced, With so many P2P transactions occurring during such a busy season, we're excited to provide our users an early holiday offer: starting November 10, Siri will be integrated with PayPal. For iPhone and iPad customers running iOS 10, making a price has in no way been simpler - Users can command Siri to send and request money through PayPal. Simply say, "Hey Siri, send Bill $50 through PayPal." one less issue to check off the must-do listing this upcoming holiday season.

Where Can PayPal For iOS Update Be Used?

It has been launched for 30 countries, Australia, Austria, Belgium , Brazil, Canada , China, Denmark, Finland (Finnish), Also France, Germany, Hong Kong (Cantonese), India, Israel (Hebrew), Italy, Japan, Malaysia (Malay), Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, All over Russia, Saudi Arabia (Arabic), Singapore (English), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (French, German, and Italian), Thailand, United Kingdom in United Arab Emirates (Arabic) and Lastly, The United States.

With the holidays around the corner, PayPal predicts extra than 17 million P2P transactions in the month of December alone. This makes our life a whole lot easier. Just one click or a command away we can get faster transactions through Paypal. 

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