Steven Universe' Season 4: News,The 'Gems Harvest' Previewed During Comic Con 2016, Updates, Confirmed Air Date,

The funny and out of this world journey of Steven Universe is back. Finally, after months of frustrations from fans, the producers already confirmed that season 4 is going to happen.

Season 4: "Gems Of Harvest"

The highly anticipated new season titled Gems of Harvest will feature new adventures of kicking the life out of the monsters and defending the humans by none other than Steven Universe. As we all know, Steven is a half-gem young boy who lives with the crystal gems. Being a half breed means he is in a mission to defend all humanity using the crystal gems the right way.

The show is geeky, funny and downright full of sarcasm. The fictional setting of the series gives nostalgia effect to every viewers. The producers didn't go to the more advanced approach when it comes to the graphics. And it is a thing of beauty. The producers are also showing us a fresh breath of air when it comes to animated TV series.

Steven Universe Acquiring New Skill

Although Rebecca Sugar is tight-lipped about it, some insiders told media that the upcoming episode will feature new abilities from Steven Universe. However, this new abilities will have a price and as they reported, he might have discovered a way for him to be a full crystal gem. This are just allegations from avid fans but this is also possible as the resource is a legit one.

Reason Why The Production Was Held Too Long

The only reason why it took time than expected for them to have Season 4 is because of show ratings. It was reported that Steven Universe suffered massive dropped on its ratings. The competition between Steven Universe and Rick and Morty really killed their ratings a lot of times. But right now, the spotlight is on their own as Rick and Morty series called it quits already.

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