Netflix To Produce TV Shows Based On Ubisoft Video Games

Netflix and Ubisoft are in discussion right now for the production of TV shows that will be based on the most popular video games of the game developer. The most likely video games that will be included for production planning are "Rayman," "Ghost Recon," "Watch Dog" and "Beyond Good and Evil." If the two companies agree to the terms, Netflix users may soon be able to see these popular TV games transformed into TV series that they can watch on their home screens.

Why Is Ubisoft Negotiating This Deal?

There are no details released yet by Netflix and Ubisoft on what the TV shows will be. According to Reuters, it is well known that Ubisoft is trying to make the forthcoming shows to be independent of the pressure of shareholders like Vivendi. This French company started purchasing Ubisoft shares in 2015. It even tried to buy shares after it has acquired Gameloft in June 2015. Yves Guillemot, the Ubisoft CEO, believes that Vivendi's takeover will be disastrous to the company.

"The French mass media company ruled out making an Ubisoft hostile takeover bid in October," reported Reuters. "But [the company] currently holds more than 20 percent of shares," the report added. So, it seems the TV shows are Ubisoft's parachute in case Vivendi is able to pursue its takeover plans.

What Are The Possible Video Games That Will Be Made Into TV Shows?

Being one of the biggest game developers in the world, there is a lot at stake at Ubisoft from the hostile takeover by Vivendi. Right now, they are working on 3 big Hollywood films, "The Assasin's Creed," "Splinter Cell," and "The Division." If this films will go on to become box office hits, Ubisoft will rake in a lot of money.

It appears that the game developer wants to secure its profits from its video games when they are eventually transformed into TV shows. That is probably the reason why it is talking now with Netflix, one of the biggest video streaming providers in the world. The most likely Ubisoft Video games that will be turned into Netflix TV shows include Rayman, Ghost Recon, Beyond Good and Evil and Watch Dog.

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