‘Arrow’ ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ ‘Supergirl’ And ‘The Flash’ Crossover Updates: Creators Prepare For The Biggest Crossover Ever; Teaser Reveals Some Details

It appears that CW bigwigs are planning for their biggest production yet. Four successful series of the TV network will have a four-way crossover where each of their main characters will share the same set of a big blockbuster TV show. The four CW shows slated for this biggest crossover yet are "Arrow," "Legends Of Tomorrow," "Supergirl," and "The Flash."

This Crossover Is Bigger Than The Previous Ones

Grant Gustin, who plays the red-clad speedster in "The Flash" says that this crossover will not be like the ones that fans have ever seen. "This one's just bigger," said Gustin. "Almost everyone interacts with every other character at a certain point," he added. He also revealed the upcoming arrival of a big bad on the show, Savitar, a Speedster villain. This character is coming "very, very soon," he promised.

The Heroes Will Fight The Dominators

In the upcoming crossover, the heroes of "Arrow," "Legends Of Tomorrow," "Supergirl," and the "Flash" will fight against the Dominators. In the DC comics' universe, the Dominators are alien races who are technologically more advanced than humans. They want to invade the earth and remove the threat coming from metahumans. They will have the same motivations in the upcoming crossover.

"Once the heroes realize that they're up against aliens, they decide that they need an alien on their side," says Marc Guggenheim, the creator of "Arrow." "Fortunately, Barry knows a really nice one. I don't think it's a big shock that between Barry and Cisco, and all their experiences with Earth-2 and the multi-verse, that they can pluck her from Earth-CBS," he explained.

Can They Defeat The Dominators?

When the heroes of "Arrow," "Legends Of Tomorrow," "Supergirl," and the "Flash" are combining their forces for this upcoming crossover, that could mean their foes are super-powerful. Most probably, fighting these enemies just by themselves could mean losing the battle. The Dominators are something that can't be beaten by one hero alone. This could be an episode that fans would not like to miss.

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