FIFA 17 Update Unlocks All Flair And Passive Traits, Accurate Character Likeness

It's another good time for FIFA 17 fans as EA brought another update to address some of the pervading issues in the game. The patch notes for the second update is available for PC this week while the PS4 and Xbox consoles will have to wait until next week to get theirs. Some of the issues that the new update has unlocks all the flair and passive traits of players and (surprise) the character likeness is more accurate.

Players who have been loyal to the FIFA video game franchise might have witnessed how the players looked anything but and as it evolves to becoming more and more like the players they represent in real life. With the new FIFA 17 patch update, those players become more and more like their real-life counterparts and you won't have to guess or do a double take trying to figure out who's who.

Other issues that have been solved with the new update include those that are in the Pro Club mode. Now, the flair trait is available for all the pros and they can also unlock all the passive traits from FIFA 16's Virtual Pro. An issue where a player receives excessive skill points has also been resolved.

For the Journey mode, new languages has been added including German, French, Mexican, Spanish, and Italian. Various presentation improvements were also resolved. Meanwhile, the issues in the Ultimate Team mode and other online game modes have been fixed as well.

There are also some changes with the visuals of the game aside from the accurate character likeness. These include black custom kits no longer clash with referee kits, the Spanish crowd now speaks Spanish when a player makes a goal, resolved the frame-rate issue during a pre-match skill game, and the selected kit isn't the one used in-game is also fixed.

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