Uncharted Movie News: Director Reveals Game Elements To Be Included In the Film; Nathan Drake Actor Teased?

Uncharted fans can now finally stop worrying whether the live-action movie adaptation will ever fall into place. Reports have finally confirmed that the Uncharted movie is on its way to make gamers happy. The video game's film adaptation has been stalled for a long time (8 years, we guess), thankfully, filming is set to start in Spring 2017.

Uncharted movie director reveals details

Shawn Levy, the producer and director for Netflix's huge TV series, Stranger Things, and Hollywood blockbusters such as Real Steel, Night at the Museum movies, and The Pink Panther remake, is set to direct the Uncharted movie. While Joe Carnahan, known for directing Smokin' Aces (2006) and The A-Team (2010) will write the screenplay. So we can clearly assume that the Uncharted movie will definitely inject a lot of humor to its fast-paced action, just like the Uncharted video games.

In Screenrant's interview with Levy on what his plans are for the Uncharted movie adaptation and whether he is familiar with Naughty Dog's Uncharted games, he answered, "[Laughs] We're very much still in the process - me and [writer] Joe Carnahan - working very closely together regarding story, regarding casting (which I really can't say anything about yet and won't). This is the kind of movie... as a game, I've loved it for a long time, I think it's got an exceptionally cinematic nature. And as a movie, y'know... we'll deliver on the action, the adventure, the wit that people expect from this great treasure-hunting franchise."

However, the main question is whether Levy will incorporate the Uncharted video game elements into the film. He told Screenrant that he is partial to high-concept entertainment with character-driven stories so we can fully expect that the Uncharted movie will be focused on Nathan, Sully, and Elena. Now that's a relief, yes?

Uncharted movie - who will play Nathan Drake?

We have to admit, we can imagine a couple of actors who would be great as Nathan Drake - even Nathan Drake's actual voice actor, Nolan North, has been suggested. But has Levy found his Uncharted main protagonist?

"It's every actor who is ruggedly handsome, which is to say every movie star, and who looks anything like the square-jawed, chiseled-featured Drake. I'm not actually going to base my casting on Twitter suggestions. Maybe I've even said the name in this room; who knows?" Levy told Collider.

When he meant "Twitter suggestions", actors such as Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Chris Pine (Star Trek Beyond), Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Chris Evans (Captain America: Civil War), and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) have been suggested by fans. As of this point, Levy cleared that the studio and the producers are currently in talks who they feel is right for Nathan Drake role.

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