Best Black Friday Deals: iPhone 7, MacBook Air And Other Apple Products

Best Black Friday Deals: iPhone 7, MacBook Air And Other Apple Products
For most of the United States, Black Friday means one thing: Sales. And when all the retail giants are prepared to slash their prices, even the best tech devices are up for grabs. Photo : PocketNow/YouTube

On November 25, the American population will wake to the thrill of Black Friday sales. Everything will be up for grabs and various tech devices are at the top of various priority lists. And as a company with some of the most expensive yet sought after products, Apple deals are being dangerously eyed - whether for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or the MacBook Air.

As Gotta Be Mobile notes, some retailers are opting to providing their deals via gift cards. This group includes Target, Best Buy and Walmart, all of which are offering a US$200 gift card with the purchase of an iPhone 7. Meanwhile, Target and Walmart will provide the same deal with the iPhone 7 Plus.

These deals sound pretty good, as all of these retailers are popular and the gift cards will undoubtedly be used. To act as an additional push, buyers will not need to switch carriers with any of the deals. However, it does come with a slight catch. That is, buyers need to be at the end of their current carrier contracts, or should have already paid off their current phone in use.

Fortune adds, however, that the deals from Best Buy and Walmart expand further than the US$250 gift card offering. Best Buy is offering the older - and arguably more popular - iPhone SE at US$10 a month, which will result to savings of US$160. Meanwhile, Walmart is selling the even older iPhone 5S for just US$99, when it normally retails for US$149.

The Apple deals do not end there, of course. The older version of the MacBook Air will also be available at Best Buy for US$800, which is 20% less than its original retail price. The larger 13 inch variant will also be available from the retailer for US$999.99. The 21.5 inch iMac will also be availabe for US$200 less than its retail price for US$900. Meanwhile, the 27 inch iMac with Retina 5K display will be available for US$1,599.

Target, on the other hand, has various deals on iPads. The iPad Air 2, for example, will start selling at just US$274, while the iPad Mini 2 will be sold at US$199.79. Walmart also has an offering for the iPad Mini 2, for US$199. Meanwhile, Best Buy will be selling the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and the iPad Air 2 at a discount of US$125.

The Apple Watch and Apple TV will also be on sale during Black Friday. So while they are not two of the Cupertino-based company's more popular devices, they might be worth looking into more. The first generation of the Apple Watch will sell at Target for US$198 while the Apple TV will be available at a 25 percent discount. Best buy will over the smartwatch for US$219 and the smart TV for US$160.

Best Buy is also offering 30 percent off on a second purchase of an Apple iTunes gift card, and Apple's Beats By Dre Powerbeats 2 for US$90. These last two deals might come as last thoughts on the day itself and will definitely be purchases of the more frivolous category.

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