Apple's iOS 10 Is The Perfect OS For The Color Blind, But Why?

By Staff writer , Nov 11, 2016 03:26 AM EST

When Apple released its latest system software for the iPhone/iPad, the iOS10, it made some huge deal out of the major features, like a revamped Music app and a much-needed improvement on their autocorrect feature. But little do we know, Apples engineers have worked for over a year to completely overhaul the iOS 10, to which they have also planted lots of hidden features that we are to discover ourselves. Recently, a hidden iOS10 feature has been discovered that hasn't been mentioned by Apple when they introduced the iOS10.

How to access Color Filters option

For the very first time, the iPhone is now able to assist you if you happen to be colorblind. The Color Accommodations feature now lets users turn on special screen modes that would substitute colors that they can see for colors that they can't. To set this up, open Settings - General - Accessibility - Color Accommodations - Display Filters. Afterward, you can then turn on the kind of colorblindness that you have. After you've activated it, the phone's colors may now look funny to other people, but you should have an easier time recognizing the colors for your convenience.

Color Filter is a great addition to the iPhone

Arguably the best things about the major iOS releases are the addition to these small or secret features. Color Filters is definitely a great addition to making the screen easier on the eyes, especially for the color blind people, or those who find it difficult to read a text. Others can try it just for their own personal reasons.

Some other color options that you need to know

The Grayscale option has also been moved to the Color Filters Option as well. Arguably the best part is the options that will allow you to swap colors, which is absolutely great for color blind people who perhaps don't see colors as what normal people sees. Below the Color Filter option is a "Color Tint". It's pretty much similar to Night Shift, but instead of the color being orange, you can select the shade of color as well as the intensity. This would serve as some great aesthetics to your iOS device.

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