Android 7.0 Nougat Vs Apple iOS 10: Which Is Better?

By Staff writer , Nov 11, 2016 03:48 AM EST

With the launching of Apple's newest iPhone 7, iOS10 came afterwards and has officially released in September 2016. On the other end, Google did roll out Android 7.0 Nougat to its current Nexus phone series, a little bit ahead of its official launch of their Pixel and Pixel XL, two new Google devices which will be introducing the all-new Pixel brand that will be taking over the Nexus as Google's newest upcoming flagship phone brand. With that being said, numerous debates have been surfacing regarding which OS is better. We also made our comparisons on the two, and we would let you know which is better.

User Interface & Notifications

While it's the iOS and Android have been slowly moving towards the middle ground when it comes to design aesthetics, both the iOS10 and Android Nougat has been taking slightly different paths in order to achieve similar visual qualities. Notifications for the Android Nougat have been redesigned. They are now much easier to read, could occupy the length of the screen, features minimalistic borders, smaller fonts, while at the same time can be tacked together based on app. In other words, they much resemble iOS notifications a lot more now.

Deleting the Stock Apps

Both the iOS10 and the Android Nougat now give its users the capacity to delete some stock apps. But somehow, the word delete is a little misleading since you are actually just hiding these apps and not truly removing them from your device. And it's also important to take note that neither the iOS10 nor the Android Nougat allows you to hide all the stock apps. You are only able to hide SOME of them.

Photo Apps

The Photos app for iOS10 got a major overhaul. It now uses a system that learns to identify people, objects, and places inside your pictures that would allow you to sort and search photos by those parameters. For instance, iOS10 Photos can now identify which of your pictures have water in them. If you search for ocean or lake, it will return pictures of the exact words that you typed. The app also features creating automatic slideshows and videos of your best pictures.

Important Updates

Though not considered much as a feature, it's important to know what new stuff these two bring to the table that would separate them from each other. I Android seems to get more updates pushed to it a lot faster than iOS does. This has been the norm for a while now. Android has been untethered for longer from its stock apps than iOS has been. It will be interesting to see whether updates on iOS 10 would speed up now that you are able to delete or hide stock apps from the OS.

Initial Verdict

Comparing two capable mobile operating systems is never easy. But at some point, one OS would definitely separate itself from the other as the undisputed better one. For now, it's safe to say that iOS10 has bigger features and enhancements compared to the Android Nougat. However, if we'd take them both as a whole, both operating systems are pretty much close in terms of features than ever before.

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