Drone Buying Guide: Best Drones For Videography

Drone Buying Guide: Best Drones For Videography
There are a lot of drones in the market right now but only a few excel in video quality. Photo : DJI / YouTube

There are a bunch of reasons why people buy drones. One of which is to create short films. Aerial shots add more drama to wedding flicks, action sports clips, and documentaries. With that said, videographers look for drones that are not only easy to work with but also able to capture high-quality shots. People can opt for cheaper drones and while these could still capture a good view, these don't guarantee high-quality footage. If you want the best captures, here are the best drones that come to mind.

GoPro Karma

GoPro's recently released drone offers one of the best imagery in the market for drones. It was made by the popular action-cam manufacturer so we can just expect it to offer superb picture quality. Also, one of the best things about the GoPro Karma is that its camera isn't built into the drone. Meaning, you can always swap cameras if you need to. Although of course, only GoPro cameras can fit into the drone properly and as of now, only the GoPro Hero 4 from last year and the Hero 5 cameras are compatible with the drone.

If you want a GoPro Karma, however, you might want to wait a few more months when GoPro re-releases the drone. It's worth noting that Karma has been recalled recently for power-related reasons and the company will still have to resolve the issue before putting the drone back in the market. Don't worry, though, the drone doesn't explode. It just has troubles keeping its power long enough. GoPro currently doesn't have a replacement program for its buyers, GSM Arena reported. Instead, GoPro Karma owners just get refunded. This means that the company is still fixing the issue and will re-release the drone back when all's well.

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI's latest drone is also getting people hyped up lately. This drone isn't only good in video quality, it is also extremely easy to work with. The thing about the Mavic Pro is that it comes with smart features that make drone-flying very easy to do. Everything with the Mavic Pro seems pretty automatic. It avoids collisions without being controlled and it also has different modes that allow its user to maximize the drone's abilities.

On top of that, the Mavic Pro is also ultra-portable. It's pretty much perfect for people who fly and film in places that require traveling. Needless to say, the DJI Mavic Pro may be the best drone in the market right now. It does have some shipment issues as of the moment as the company failed to meet the delivery dates they initially promised. However, it just goes to show how successful the drone is. DJI also promises to have all orders delivered in a few weeks' time. Nevertheless, just to avoid trouble, do get your Mavic Pro once the company clears out on all past pre-orders.

Lily Drone

The Lily drone is pretty much one of the best action-adventure drones you can get right now. It is quite simple which means it doesn't have the complex perks that DJI offers. However, it's perfect for extreme sports documentations. Its main skill is to follow its subject and it can fly in sideways, high up, follow and lead modes. It can also shoot in slow-mo. Its throw-and-go feature actually makes it easy to operate.

Furthermore, on top of these, the Lily drone is also waterproof. Clearly, it was named Lily for a reason. This means that it is the best drone for extreme kayaking and the likes. Since its main talent is to follow a subject, it is more appropriate on documentaries than on wedding flicks. It's also perfect for vacationers who want to record both their activities and the sceneries that they are seeing.

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