Top Skyrim Special Edition Two-Handed Weapons To Get Early In Game

Most players treat the two-handed weapons in Skyrim Special Edition as end game equipment. Players are also confused on what is the best two-handed weapon to choose. Skyrim Special Edition offers a lot of great two-handed weapons, but there are only a few that is worth getting especially in early game situations.

Skyrim Special Edition Two-Handed Weapon: The Longhammer

The longhammer is among the weapons that deal the highest damage in Skyrim Special Edition. It has the fastest swing than any Warhammer in-game, which makes this weapon very useful for fast killing. It also has a very low weight than any other Orcish Warhammer, making it more convenient than other two-handed weapons. Players can obtain Longhammer at Brenton's corpse in Liar's Retreat.

Skyrim Special Edition Two-Handed Weapon: Ebony Blade

Ebony blade is a very effective weapon early in-game. It absorbs 10 points of health to enemies, which is very useful in most cases. The health points that can be absorbed is upgradable up to 30 points. Players must kill friendly characters in order to upgrade the weapon's health absorption.

Skyrim Special Edition Two-Handed Weapon: Volendrung

Volendrung is very effective especially on doing multiple hit combos. It absorbs 50 points of stamina every hit. It is a good effect for this weapon as players can keep attacking with an unstoppable flow of combos. It can be obtained from completing the "Cursed Tribe" quest.

Skyrim Special Edition Two-Handed Weapon: Wuuthrad

Wuuthrad is a devastating weapon when attacking an Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer, Falmer and Orsimer. It deals additional damage when attacking such races. Players can obtain this weapon by completing the "Glory Of The Dead" quest. It is one of the most useful Battleaxes in terms of killing such races.

Skyrim Special Edition Two-Handed Weapon: Drainblood Battleaxe

Drainblood Battleaxe has the ability to absorb 15 points of health from enemies. It is very useful especially that it is known to deal high damage. The best thing about this weapon is that it has unlimited charges. Players will not need to charge the weapon, which makes it very convenient for every player.

Skyrim Special Edition can be played on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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