Can Multiple Sclerosis Be Used As A Determinant Of Breast Cancer? Is That Even Possible?

A recent study finds that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is not a link to developing breast cancer in pre- and postmenopausal women. The findings of the study was said to have been published in the journal PLos One.

Although previous research has already shown a number of evidences associating the two diseases, it is believed that the new study emphasizes a new link between cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. It was recently found that instead of a multiple sclerosis, surveillance bias can actually be considered as the true risk factor especially for diagnosing a breast cancer patient.

Can Multiple Sclerosis Trigger Cancer Growth?

According to Multiple Sclerosis Today, it was allegedly revealed that apart from the size, other studies have not considered tumor characteristics, cancer stage or menopausal status. Experts widely believe that the risk of cancer is in fact, being decreased in patients with multiple sclerosis with few exceptions, other than being prone to developing the risk of bladder cancer.

Furthermore, reports have also revealed that the study involves 19,330 patients with multiple sclerosis wherein experts have included both pre- and postmenopausal women in the study so as to accurately determine the underlying risks in both groups.

It was found that for patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, they were then paired with another set of 193,458 patients who did not have the disease and have been used as the control group of the study. They were allegedly matched when it comes to their age group, gender, demographic location as well as their general health condition.

No Correlation Found Between Multiple Sclerosis And Breast Cancer

Pharmacy Times has revealed that among these patients with multiple sclerosis, 87 of the premenopausal women and 384 postmenopausal patients has been diagnosed with breast cancer. On the other hand, 942 premenopausal and 4811 postmenopausal from the control group patients has also developed cancer.

Experts have then considered these findings as their basis in concluding that there is no significant relationship between premenopausal patients with multiple sclerosis and breast cancer. However, they highly emphasize that postmenopausal patients with multiple sclerosis had a moderately higher tendency of developing breast cancer for about 13 percent.

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