Breaking The Silence: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Triggers Alarming Increase In Suicide incidences In Veterans

Six years ago, Josh Soto, a then young marine from Sacramento was known to have been assigned for a combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. For months, he described the feeling of being there as the kind of fear no one has ever imagined. The experience was like nothing he could have thought.

Understanding PTSD And What It Does To Its Victim

According to Huffington Post, it was recently revealed that myths and the so-called labeling about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD are all too common and aren't new to experts anymore. Data shows that currently, approximately 8 million of the American population; which sums up to 31 percent of Vietnam War veterans and 20 percent of Iraq veterans are found to suffer from this disorder.

However, experts note that despite the alarming rate of the affected people, the disorder seem to be not taken seriously and is poorly understood. It was found that PTSD is commonly misunderstood and is often misinterpreted by negative notions which in turn, are also what keeps a lot of veterans seeking help in order to finally have a better treatment.

PTSD Develops After Experiencing Cumulative Stressful Events; Leads To 32 Percent Of Suicide Rate 

PTSD is known for its ability to develop when people experience a series of massively stressful events; which can actually involve childhood physical or sexual abuse, being sexually assaulted, or narrowly escaping getting killed or severely injured, whether from accidents or violence or military combat. Not only that, experts claim that PTSD can also be triggered by witnessing such things happening to a close friend or relative, or by learning about them in the course of one's work, such as being a first responder or a social worker helping victims of abuse.

ABC10 has also revealed that Post Traumatic Stress is also found to be the reason that the US health sector is seeing an epidemic of veterans committing suicide. Since 2001, the rate of veteran suicides in the U.S. has jumped 32 percent. On average, every day in this country, 22 veterans take their own lives.

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