Arrow' Season 5 News And Updates: Season 5 To Be The Series Finale? Actor Stephen Amell Dishes Out Details

CW's "Arrow" is already on its fifth season to date, and the fans have been wondering whether or not it will already be the final season of the series. Since the show has almost completed its flashbacks for five years, which is the time Oliver Queen spent on the island, what's next to the series has been continually questioned.

Stephen Amell Talks About "Arrow" To Possibly End In Current Season 5

There have been reports about "Arrow" potentially ending its series during their current fifth season. As many of the fans know, the series has been focusing back and forth from Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) life when he was stuck in the island to the present day when he's back in his hometown, bringing justice and saving his city. He was stuck in an island and has been away from his family for five years, the latter thinking he was already dead. However, the time he spent away has made him become the vigilante that he is now and is trying to erase the injustice in Star City.

Since five years has already gone since his return and his time away has been pretty much covered already, answering the questions about him and his life, people are wondering what is to come next. The actor, Stephen Amell talks about the series' current season five, as they get closer to its 100th episode. According to the actor, they need to give so much focus on this season of "Arrow" and do the hard work they need to keep the show running for a long time. If they don't do well what they need to do, it might already be the last year for the show.

More Hard Work Needed To Keep The Storyline Enticing To The Audience, Much-Awaited 100th Episode Happening Soon

The last season of "Arrow" has been very well received as it did involve some mystical power into the storyline. Thus, the production team is pressured to keep the storyline at its best this season and focus on it a lot more. The show is still running in CW enough to keep it from being cancelled. Nonetheless, their upcoming 100th episode is highly anticipated as they will have a four-way crossover with "The Flash," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tomorrow."

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