Death Notice Shocked Some Facebook Users, Glitch Immediately Fixed

Facebook is no killer but the tech company just alarmed some users. Death notice shocked the social network. However, the disconcerting glitch was immediately fixed much to the relief of affected users.

Facebook's Death Notice

According to the US News & World Report, some Facebook users were disturbed to see the top of their profile page with a message that indicates they were already dead. The seemingly memorial stated, "We hope people who love [name of the Facebook user] will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate [his or her] life".

It was also linked to a feature that "memorializes" the page of someone who has died. The loved ones of the "dead" Facebook user were encouraged to find comfort in seeing posts of other people shared about him/her.

Ironically, CEO Mark Zuckerberg was not exempted from the obvious bug. Apparently, his page also received a death notice. The problem did not go unnoticed for a long time. The management seemed to have fixed it immediately.

It was evident though that not many people actually see any problem while browsing the social networking site.

Facebook's Apology And Immediate Action

Facebook released a statement and admitted the terrible error. They have apologized of what happened. The tech company immediately resolve the issue, according to Engadget. The statement did not explain what exactly happened.

Facebook did not reveal the cause nor how may were affected by the mistake. Though the glitch was not so widespread since Facebook easily got rid of it.

Facebook's Partly To Blame

The glitch could have caused by someone who may be mourning the result of the US presidential election. A larger number of distraught Americans blamed the tech giant of helping President-elect Donald J. Trump to win.

Zuckerberg insisted that the said idea is actually crazy, according to the Business Insider. He pointed out that the fake news on Facebook about Trump is only a very small amount of the content. It could not have influenced the voters in any way.

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