NBA 2K17 Guide: Recreate NBA Players, Obtain Their Custom Jumpshots Without Purchasing

It's no secret that fans can create their own player or career in NBA 2K17. However, what most of them might have not known yet is the capability of being able to recreate a player. Yes, recreate a particular superstar (say, LeBron James or Stephen Curry) in the game. Heck, they can even explore the stats as well as the various jumpshots -- all without the burden of lifting a single coin.

The aforementioned process isn't that hard really, and most NBA 2K17 players will find it rather amusing. In the game, in order to recreate a certain player, simply go to the options and choose Create Roster. Next, players have to select the official 2K sports roster within the game.

A prompt screen will soon follow, letting NBA 2K17 players see a list of players in the game. This will then be followed by accessing the different stats and attributes, among others. From body to gears to accessories to even vitals, these will all be covered. Moreover, they can check the likes of badges, signature moves and contracts.

After doing so, this is where the respective shots of those NBA 2K17 superstars can be edited or obtained. And what's even interesting? Fans need not to make any sort of purchase, say, to buy a particular user-created shot or dunk. Thanks to this, players can simply modify it and/or create it as their very own.

This NBA 2K17 guide was first showcased by a YouTube channel called RickyRose. The video uploaded (which can be seen below after the article) explains how to acquire the signature jumpshots for the easy recreation of these characters. As seen in the video, the player utilized Josh Richardson along with his signature jumpshot stats.

It's also worth noting that NBA 2K17 players can obtain the various moves and stats. After which, they can carry it over to a new player to be created. This is definitely an exciting process to follow.

What are your thoughts on this NBA 2K17 guide? Have you given it a try already? If so, how was the experience so far? Be sure to share it with us at the comment section below!

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