iBooks StoryTime App For Kids Is Already Available For Apple TV

Children stories are now accessible through your Apple TV. Parents can now engage their children with storytelling using the latest technology. The new Apple TV app called iBooks StoryTime will bring children's books to your smart TV screen. It is already available in tvOS App Store.

Apple's iBooks StoryTime App

According to the TechCrunch, the iBooks StoryTime app has a "read-aloud" function. It does not just automatically flip through the pages of a children's book for you. When it is turned on, it basically syncs the audio to the on-screen text. It works like other devices that with a voice that reads the text for you.

Or parents can read the stories themselves to their children by turning that functionality off. The upside of this is having a bigger screen for your children. Books with engaging images can be experienced better when it is on a smart TV than the small screen of portable devices.

Free Download But Not Books

Owners of the 4th generation Apple TV devices can go to their tvOS App Store to download the app for free. The app comes with a free book entitled "Dora's Big Buddy Race Read-Along Storybook". It is especially for those who want to use the Read-Aloud functionality of the app.

If you want other children's books, you already have to purchase it. You can do it using the StoryTime app, or the iBookstore on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Among the books you can choose from are the classics Goodnight Moon, The Little Red Hen, Green Eggs and Ham.

Other title contents supported by the app include books about the famous characters Sophia the First, Grover and Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. According to Engadget, stories on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are also available. These iBooks will automatically sync in the library of your Apple TV.

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