NBA Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler Being Traded By The Bulls? John Wall Going To The LA Lakers?

The latest NBA trade rumors involve Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls. It seems that the Bulls are still on the path of changing its roster even with an impressive season start. As the current NBA 2K17 continues, the push for the conference playoffs seems to be inducing the team to make the necessary changes. Will letting go of Butler be the team's golden key to the playoffs?

Are The Bulls Trading Butler To The Minnesota Timberwolves?

According to reports, there could be a possible trade between the Timberwolves and the Bulls with Jerian Grant and Jimmy Butler being traded for Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins. This deal will have significant implications for both teams if it pushes through.

Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls already has star power. On the other hand, the younger players involved in this deal such as LaVine, Wiggins, and Grant are players with a lot of potentials. Team-wise, the Bulls are already an established NBA franchise, while the Timberwolves is a team on the rise. So, could both teams strive for anything more?

Washington Wizards Letting Go Of John Wall To LA Lakers?

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers are also in high spirits with their improved performance since the current season started. Their fifth 101-91 win over the Sacramento Kings excited their fans. They are more optimistic with regards to team's chances this NBA 2K17 season.

However, the current positive developments did not stop trade rumors from involving the LA Lakers. These rumors suggest that the Wizards are letting go of John Wall to the Lakers. Are the Lakers in on this deal or is it only the Wizards' initiative?

The current Lakers roster is comprised mostly of newcomers. Only Meta World Piece can be considered a veteran. Are they seeking for some veteran help in the person of John Wall? Laker fans will have to watch if this deal pushes through.

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