‘Limitless’ Season 2 Still Happening With Lady Gaga In The Series?

After "Limitless" season 1 ended, fans started wondering if the show is going to be limited to just that one particular season. However, much to the fans dismay, CBS announced that the TV show is not going to be renewed for another season.

Fans then started an online petition titled "Renew Limitless for Season 2" and only has a thousand more supporters to go before it reaches its 35,000 goals. It seems like to be paying off, though.

According to a report, several networks have taken quite a liking to the show and are very interested in giving it another shot. The rumored networks mentioned are Netflix, FX, and Amazon with the latter being the most interested one.

However, Amazon has expressed some concern regarding the show's drug use theme. The network is concerned that viewers might think that Amazon is supporting the use of a similar type of drug. It is yet to be known if Amazon will push through in renewing "Limitless" for another season.

Furthermore, though this is unconfirmed, it is speculated that Lady Gaga will join the cast of "Limitless" season 2. This rumor was sparked after Lady Gaga confirmed to join "A Star is Born" which will be directed by Bradley Cooper who is also the executive producer of the TV series "Limitless" and was the main actor in the movie version back in 2011.

The two stars are seen to have been very close. Due to this, many fans think that Lady Gaga will help Bradly Cooper save his TV series and will be known as a multi-talented celebrity that has captured both TV and music.

Fans can only hope that these rumors and speculations come true. As of the moment, the petition is still on-going. CBS still has not renewed "Limitless" for a second season due to low ratings.

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