HTC Vive Offers Wireless VR Setup, Comes At A Price

Look, ma, no wires! That's what you're supposed to say when you show off to your mom that your VR headset is now converted to wireless. The HTC Vive has currently achieved this and will just send you back $220. If you want more from an already expensive VR headset, then go with this add-on that breaks you free from the system, or at least free from being tangled.

We have started stepping into the world of virtual reality as our medium for video games but we haven't gone wireless about it yet. Not until the guys behind TPCast came up with clever ways to add more revenue, sorry, we mean create an add-on to the existing VR headset and make it wireless, Gamasutra reports.

The peripheral will be available for pre-order today, or maybe it has been, depending on which time zone you are reading this. The creators, TPCast, is one of the companies to first join the initiative for Vive X accelerator.

This is wireless, so how much will it last unplugged?

Don't worry, the add-on will come with a battery pack which will last you for about 1 hour and 45 minutes of play. If that's not enough, it is also reported that a larger capacity battery will be on its way later. It would be advisable to get 2 battery packs if you plan to game longer, and a younger sibling to charge it for you when needed.

How about lag?

It is also ensured that the upgrade won't impact performance that much, naturally there would be a bit of difference but it won't be noticeable. Alvin Graylin, president for Vive in China, also adds that going wireless will 'greatly improve' the experience of the users.

Going wireless also means that it will be safer since you will avoid tripping on wires especially during the times that you are totally immersed on the virtual world that you forget that there are wires dangling around your headset. The add-on will start rolling out by the first quarter of 2017. Pre-orders available any minute now on Vive's Chinese website. There are no official statements of it being available worldwide but if it gains a lot of positive feedback, then it will be. Even competitors would follow the trend if this works well.

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