Not A Fan of Fruits And Vegetables? Study Says You Are At Risk Of Having Asthma. Here’s Why

Experts have further intensified previous claims that consuming a lot of fruit and vegetables is considered healthy and essential to maintain normal functioning of the body. In a recent study, scientists said that fruit and vegetables incorporated in one's diet could potentially lower the risk of developing asthma. In the study, findings show that in a particular area where healthy meal options are not observed, there is a 53 percent increased chances of having asthma.

Living In A Food Desert Considered A Health Risk And Disadvantage

According to some reports released by Science Daily, it has been found out that children who do not have the access to good, affordable yet fresh and healthy foods were at an increased risk of developing asthma. In the annually conducted meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), it has presented the data of 2,043 kids whose age range is between 6 to 18 years who were seen for well child visits.

Study lead author, allergist and ACAAI member DeVon Preston, MD, says that approximately 21 percent of this data are children who were found to be living in a food desert as compared to the 17 percent of children who did not live in these kinds of places.

Lack Of Nutrients Puts You At Risk Of Asthma And Other Illnesses

As per Daily Mail, experts have allegedly categorized the presence of allergic rhinitis and obesity as other factors that can affect asthma. Furthermore, the researchers of the study has also claimed given the fact that it is so much of an effort to get kids to eat the right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables especially nowadays, how much more  for kids who live in a food desert; which is actually considered by the experts as an even greater disadvantage.

Additionally, experts have also advised that it is just as important to opt for good nutrition most especially for those suffering from asthma. They strongly emphasized that the lack of nutrients makes our body more vulnerable to illnesses and certain kinds of respiratory viruses; which could eventually lead to asthma attacks.

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